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The War Prayer – Mark Twain

As a child, Mark Twain was one of my favourite authors. Each day I would eagerly await the end of afternoon classes when our teacher would read a few passages … Continue reading

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A morning stroll about an Andalusian fishermen’s barrio

The higgledy-piggledy piles of old houses hugging the hillside to the north of Conil de la Frontera is known as the barrio de Pescadores; the fishermen’s quarter. Lying just beyond the old … Continue reading

February 3, 2016 · 4 Comments

Missives from Santa Catalina

Tales of an Andalusian fishing pueblo … … where time stands still as the World flies by  Introduction to Santa Catalina and some of its characters In the autumn of … Continue reading

January 30, 2016 · 3 Comments

Eivør Pálsdóttir: Tròdlabùndin. God Morgen!

Angelica emailed me this hauntingly beautiful song by Eivør Pálsdóttir today; to wish me good morning. I had to share it. Filmed during an open-air concert at Stigen in the … Continue reading

January 17, 2016 · 3 Comments

A winter stroll along the beach

Enjoying a respite from a couple of weeks of grey skies and showers, Angelica and I took an early evening stroll down to the beach the other day to catch … Continue reading

January 14, 2016 · 13 Comments

Bowie returns to “Somewhere in the Sky”

The great silver spaceship returned to Earth yesterday to transport Ziggy Stardust back home. Missing you already David, thanks for a lifetime of gifting Earth such great music.  

January 11, 2016 · 2 Comments

Happy New Year to be continued into the future …

January 2, 2016 · 3 Comments

Happy New Year!

And for those who haven’t read it – or would like to read it again – the short story to cure all hangovers, A New Year’s Drink: “I hate New … Continue reading

January 1, 2016 · 6 Comments

¡Felices Fiestas! A Christmas Tale

Warning! Some may find the contents of this post disturbing. Happy Christmas folks! Okay, so I’m a cynical hypocrite out to exploit a time of giving by wanting to be … Continue reading

December 24, 2015 · 14 Comments

Guardian hack trolls his own readers

Not content with the mobs of vacuous trolls funded by various British intelligence agencies constantly at each other’s throats in its comments sections, it appears the Guardian is now employing … Continue reading

December 18, 2015 · 4 Comments

Curtain Raiser

Originally posted on CollTales:
The Fault in Our Screens, Colltalers With all due respect to victims of violent crimes, and their families and friends, there is such a thing as…

December 7, 2015 · 1 Comment

Middle East Extremists Advocate Chopping off European Women’s Hands for Disobedience!

Excuse the sensationalist headline, but what can you expect after learning yet another Middle Eastern religion advocates chopping off women’s hands as a fit punishment for going against its teachings. The religion has … Continue reading

December 7, 2015 · 4 Comments

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