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Evil Trousers white

Evil Trousers & Co.


This gallery represents some of the graphic works I have done over the last few years. Some were commissions, others, exercises in graphic imagery

The proposed book cover was commissioned by Don Meredith author of Varieties of Darkness which was came out in hardback and paperback in December last year. In the event the publisher chose to commission another cover, which can be seen on the Amazon site by clicking onto the title of the book. Personally, I think mine is better.

The maps of Egypt, The Gilf Kebir and Italy have been included as illustrations to the text and appear in monochrome.

Varieties of Darkness is Don Meredith’s voyage of discovery to the places described in Michael Ondaatje’s Booker-prize winning novel The English Patient.

The K2 designs sprang from an idea for a product I had many years ago. The design exercise was an experiment in how to exploit photoshop to the maximum to create new forms of  lettering. Designers untrained in traditional typography, hand lettering and calligraphy will always be limited by their inexperience. Computers can appear to do a lot, but nothing can make up for real knowledge. A professional graphic designer is trained to create custom lettering to fit the job, and cannot rely totally on computers for that.

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Angelica Westerhoff

The posters and business cards were for my partner in life and work, Angelica Westerhoff. Her portraits are very well-known throughout the province of Cádiz and her reputation is growing in the rest of Spain. Her work hangs on the walls of homes in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Bilbao and many other cities.

She also has German, Swedish and English clients. An American antiques dealer has commissioned two oil portraits of his dogs.

Her surreal paintings also attract much attention, as do her sketches of Conil and humorous drawings.

The Frusitos jelly bears are shown in their stages of development from initial sketches to virtually the finished product. Development of images and logos takes a lot of time and good results depend on good communication between designer and client. Unfortunately, this job ended very unhappily for me.


Copyright © 2011 Bryan Hemming

2 comments on “Graphics

  1. Bryan Hemming
    January 27, 2012

    The surround to the book cover is from a photo Don took in a cave in the Gilf Kebir in the Sea of Sand, a vast desert covering much of Western Egypt. The figures at the top represent swimmers, as this area was the site of a vast lake thousands of years ago. The cave drawings were made at that time.

    In the event, the publisher commissioned what looks like an in-house design, which you can see here Perhaps I’m biased, but I much prefer my design. My maps are featured in the book, as is Anji’s portrait.

    I am reading the copy of ‘Varieties of Darkness – The World of The English Patient’ Don sent me, at the moment, and intend to publish a review on this blog in a week or so. It’s the story of the fascinating journeys Don made to discover the background to Michael Ondaatje’s great book.

    While Don lived here in Conil for a couple of years we had many conversations. He’s a very accomplished, if generally unrecognised, writer, who was once even nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. He now lives in Kenya.


  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes
    January 26, 2012

    These are absolutely awesome. And throwing a word in about your partner is beautiful.

    The proposed book cover – that’s fantastic. I thought the surround of it might be black rather than brown though, being a variety of darkness – although yet, perhaps even brown IS a variety of darkness…. 🙂 Just awesome.

    My favourite is the first two – the portrait. Excellent imagery/likenesses.

    I’m enormously sorry about your experience re Frusitos jelly bears. It reminds me 100% of an American editor who “headhunted me” – one particular piece of erotica I had written, titled “Aunty Said”. I went through a stage of about 1 1/2 years where erotica just flowed & I was sending it to a magazine in the UK who kept publishing it & it was cash in hand (because she put Australian dollars within the copy of the book she sent me – In The Buff, but I believe it is no longer) – cash for my wee son & me 🙂

    But this editor, whose name I still know, from the US was doing a ‘Best Women’s Erotica’ and spotted ‘Aunty Said’ & approached the UK editor who approached me, bla bla & I signed an agreement etc. I got a copy of the US book ‘Best Women’s Erotica’ in the mail SURE, but no cheque. She said she’d sent the cheque. I actually wrote to the Washington Bank asking if a cheque as she claimed was sent, had ever been presented; a cheque to me. But they weren’t at liberty to give such detail on a private account. I don’t know, for the book to reach me but not the cheque – nope, doesn’t add up.

    But as for your HOURS and HOURS of work and consultation – that’s a different thing entirely. That’s weeks, that’s dedication to one thing for one outcome; and then you’re shafted. I hope sincerely word goes around about him & he gets NO one who will work for him. I just couldn’t live like that, couldn’t do it.

    Wow, don’t know where all that spouted from!! Just looking at your work, I guess, and identifying with that which you experienced.

    Your work is absolutely brilliant. And hi to your wonderful partner 🙂



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