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Scooting through the headlines … nerds

“If only I’d known” could be the title of my autobiography. The words sprang to mind after reading this little gem – resurrected from a couple of months ago – … Continue reading

April 22, 2015 · 15 Comments

Scooting through the headlines … aliens

Scooting through the headlines, I like at least two stories in today’s Independent. How Europeans evolved to have white skin, starting from around 8,000 years ago is great clickbait. With an election … Continue reading

April 8, 2015 · 7 Comments

A New Year’s Drink

 “Best and funniest thing I’ve read all Christmas” commented Wendy Kate. rangewriter said: “… Love this. I’ve shared it as a New Years greeting for some special friends.” “I hate New … Continue reading

December 27, 2014 · Leave a comment

How old is your brain?

Like me, you’ve probably been thinking your brain is as old as your toes or your ears. Apparently, it’s not. Some brains are older, and some brains are younger than … Continue reading

November 6, 2014 · 15 Comments


Just a jester, eh? Or is it? Okay, so it looks like your standard photo of yet another stuffed jester sleeping one off. You see them all the time. Or do you? … Continue reading

August 14, 2014 · 3 Comments

I don’t give a hat

  There’s a point, after nuturing a straw hat for a year or two, or more, it reaches a state of being worn in. Perversely enough that point usually coincides with the … Continue reading

July 8, 2014 · 9 Comments

Suspension of disbelief

As one of my characters in one of my unfinished novels says to another one. It doesn’t matter who or which, so don’t even ask. Anyway, I can’t remember their … Continue reading

June 28, 2014 · 7 Comments

Most Versatile Blogger Award

To be absolutely honest, I’m not really a fan of awards of any type. To see rock stars, sports stars or film stars slapping themselves on the back while spurting … Continue reading

June 25, 2014 · 4 Comments

Elephant poo pong: not news. No elephant poo pong: news

It has been said my strongest point is the number of weak points I have. The theory being, I suspect, that a great number of weak points add up to something … Continue reading

May 30, 2014 · 3 Comments

The Sun is wearing out

Today I learned the Sun has got a hole in it bigger than Jupiter. That reminds me of my socks. I have rather long big toes, which point to a … Continue reading

May 16, 2014 · 8 Comments

Mr Scrubbly’s lucky, five pound note

Mr Scrubbly set his big brass alarm clock for two o’ clock in the morning. A time he knew Mrs Grubbly would be fast asleep and snoring like a big, … Continue reading

April 11, 2014 · 5 Comments

The Chair

Flash fiction isn’t really my thing. But I woke up this morning with this one buzzing around in my head till I had to get it down. “Easy with that … Continue reading

March 28, 2014 · 6 Comments

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