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Sam Flowers – his choices are my choice

The  blogger who leads me to the most interesting blogs on WordPress has to be Sam Flowers. If there was  prize for blogging discernment, Sam would be my nomination. Not just because he is discerning enough to read my blog – which he is at times –  but because he makes many of  my selections for me without me ever having to ask.

When I feel the need to see, or read, something unusual, interesting, or even mindblowing, I can depend on Sam’s Blog rest and Play. There are always fascinating new blogs to select from his list of Recent posts I have liked. Rarely, if ever, am I disappointed by his choices. The breadth of variety and creativity he discovers is stunning. His site is worth visiting for that alone.

But Sam’s own articles on art, film, culture  and music  are well worth reading too. His depth of knowledge is impressive. To get on to his list of likes is something of an honour in my eyes.

It seems to me his blog could play an incredibly useful centrepoint for those looking for the best in art, film, music, photography, poetry and literature. With the holiday weekend upon us, I will be seeing what Sam has been searching out over the next few days, and save myself the trouble of slogging through a whole lot of pap.

Thanks, Sam, I really look forward to stealing your likes, as well as reading your own thoughts.

And I’m not saying all this because he uses a photo of himself wearing dark glasses like I do.

Just felt the need  to say that.

8 comments on “Sam Flowers – his choices are my choice

  1. Sam Flowers
    March 30, 2013

    Basically we are talking about an independent alternative to Freshly (Unim) Pressed?

    But including older as well as new posts.

    I don’t know that I follow enough blogs though – there tends to be a core of blogs I visit with occasional forays elsewhere. On the other hand if I was to be paid for it!


    • Bryan Hemming
      March 31, 2013

      Yes, but Freshly Pressed is a bit hit and miss, as it is too random and has to cover too much ground.

      Though I find some of the posts interesting, there´s far too much that has no depth or is simply boring. You tend to go for the weird and wonderful. Far more interesting.

      Appealing to minority tastes is a much better way of getting people to dip into their pockets, as the internet proves every day.

      Because you´d be hitting a market of people who don´t have so much time, I assume they´d be looking for something a bit special, gravitatiing towards to the bizarre at times. That´s what you seem good at.

      You wouldn´t have to find so much stuff, just enough for readers to know they could have an enjoyable couple of hours over the weekend without having to do too much work.

      As I say, it´s just the kernel of an idea.


      • Sam Flowers
        April 1, 2013

        I definitely think you have something Bryan whether it’s me or someone else who undertakes it.

        WordPress allows so much writing but perhaps than there are readers for.

        There is room and need for those who can travel and curate its wilds.


  2. Bryan Hemming
    March 30, 2013

    Well, I have to agree with everything Sam and Noeleen say because it´s ‘be lovely to one another day’ here in Conil and I want to make it ‘be lovely to one another’ everywhere and every day.

    Blogging can be a lonely business at times. Because of that I intend to give a few more deserving bloggers few paragraphs in the next few weeks. Their efforts to make the world a better place are not always appreciated quite as much as they should be.


    • Sam Flowers
      March 30, 2013

      I agree Bryan – the loneliness of the long-distance blogger!

      I look forward these other profiles.


  3. Sam Flowers
    March 30, 2013

    I love the subject of this post Bryan!

    Seriously I appreciate it very much. I enjoy your blog too. As a reader I am always drowning in words and forever in a state of catchup – and yours is one of the blogs I try to read more of than just its latest posts.

    Words Fall From My Eyes is another such blog. This is turning in to quite the love-in!


    • Bryan Hemming
      March 30, 2013

      Apart from the fact I appreciate what you do, the reason I wrote this is because I’ve had some thoughts on your idea on getting paid for blogs.

      Though I have yet to come up with a solid idea, it struck me, you might have the kermel of something people might be willing to pay for in your ‘Recent posts I have liked’ column.

      I’m sure there are many busy people who don’t always have the time to surf the net, who would be only to happy to pay a small amount for someone else to do it for them.

      But selecting the best of blogs for people to read is not something everyone is capable of doing. You do it very well, in my opinion

      Of course, such recommendations are a matter of taste, and your selections wouldn’t suit everyone. But I really believe they could suit a large enough section to make a profit by the simple method providing that part of your site on a subscription basis.

      Basically, it’s a niche market, which is where it’s strength lies. A tiny niche in a small town is not viable, but a tiny niche in cyberspace amounts to millions of people.

      These are only the bare bones of an idea, but I think you are the right person to do something like this and make it pay.

      Of course, if you need a paid contributor from time to time……


  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes
    March 30, 2013

    ‘Not because he’s discerning enough to read my blogs’ – oh Bryan, you make me laugh: love you!!

    Hear hear re Sam. He enlightens me and educates me to degrees I am ashamed to admit & so will leave it mysteriously at that.

    ‘Just felt the need to say’ – gorgeous 🙂


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