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The Passing of Old Sam

Sam came to live at our house eight years ago. He has moved home with us six times since. He accompanied me on all my travels, sitting next to me on plane, train and bus. Even on my lap when necessary. He was with me when I almost got mugged in Granada. We were together in Oslo, in London and New York. Now our old faithful friend lies in our bedroom, slowly passing away, his memory gradually fading. I can hardly bear to watch. Though it would probably be the best thing, I can’t bring myself to pull the plug on him forever. Read more


2 comments on “The Passing of Old Sam

  1. Bryan Hemming
    October 13, 2012

    Good to hear another of your appreciative comments, I’ve missed them since I haven’t been posting. The new laptop is a Hewlett Packard, we had to go for one of the cheapest we could with the biggest memory for the price.

    It’s fine, in fact, but like most machines, it’s a bit impersonal at the moment. Anji loves it, as she has much more access to this one.

    The last few years Sam got a bit grumpy, and I didn’t want to blame her if he died while she was using him. I’ve got so much writing saved from years back, and then there’s all my photos. The intention is to get another, as soon as we can afford it.


  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes
    October 13, 2012

    Love the ‘bleed him out of memories’ … actually I love it all, Bryan! 🙂
    I was so intrigued – & when you said he came from South Korea by way of China, I thought he was an exotic pet. You are definitely what they call ‘a writer’, Bryan. I really enjoy your style.

    Oh, my old PC, it never lasted THAT long that I treasured it so much, but you are WAY more travelled than me, & so your memory bank in ol’ Sam must have been busting.

    HP, a Hewlett … or a Packard? I was also thinking Kerry Packer ( whose biog I read.

    I love your ending – you had me feel your sentimentality to be sure. Ah, I hope you can build up a trust with HP like you had with Sam, or simply forever treasure that old trust…


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This entry was posted on October 10, 2012 by in Humour.

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