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God’s Chosen Ones: George Bush & Tony Blair

Thought I’d post this. A comment I posted on The Independent today, I hope to develop the theme. Comments very welcome.

To sell your soul to the Devil, you have to believe in the existence of God, came to mind yesterday, after reading yet another article on the greed and mendacity of Tony Blair. The same applies to George Bush and all the other Christian Western leaders who believe God approves of their acts of war.

Thinking about it some more, I realised both men have tried to convey the impression they have been chosen by God, or directed by him, at the very least – though the second is impossible without the first.

George Bush has hinted as much, as has Blair. Their words suggest both men believe their wars to be God’s work through them. Presumably that means a vote for them was a vote for God, and a vote for war. God’s war.

There is little doubt if you believe you have been chosen by God to hold office, you can’t entirely believe it was the will of the people, if you believe it at all. It’s a paradox. It follows your only allegiance is to God, and not to the electorate you were voted to represent.

By this warped logic, Bush and Blair elected themselves demi-gods empowered to bring death and destruction without having to face temporal justice, effectively. If God didn’t prevent them going to war it was a sign of his tacit approval. Makes sense to the average psychopath, I suppose. They think of their power and privilege as God’s gifts to them, and of themselve as God’s gifts to us. God doesn’t like the rest of us quite so much as he likes George and Tone.

Yet, if I reached a similar conclusion, and axed a few passer’s by for God, I would far more likely find myself locked in a secure institution, than the head of a nuclear-armed power.

How could anyone ever believe the vast trail of death, injury, and destruction these men have left behind them is the will of God?

But they aren’t the only ones to believe they are doing God’s work. Far too many bankers, generals, businessmen, newspaper proprietors, police chiefs, popes and priests believe they are the chosen ones and, as such, whatever havoc they wreak, they are covered by the infallibility of the God clause.

Luckily, I’m an atheist, for if that’s their god, I hate to think what their devil is like.


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This entry was posted on September 20, 2011 by in Humour.

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