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Just riots, just wars, just looting…

Any suggestion the latest English city riots could be connected to the austerity measures taken to combat the crisis is met by a barrage of criticism these days. Proponents are accused of justifying the behaviour of ‘criminal scum’.

Try to hint that heavy-handed police actions against legal demonstrations against cuts last winter, and unfair harrassment of black people, may have led to distrust, alienation and animosity, and you will be shouted down for supporting and justifying looters and vandals.

Voice an opinion that corruption and dubious practices by big banks, global business, politicians, police chiefs and media moguls might be setting a very bad example to the young, and you will be roundly condemned as justifying robbery and violence.

To say that unemployment, homelessness, poverty and no prospects for the future might lead growing number of youngsters into disaffection with government, and you will be howled at. Politicians think the poor are too ignorant to work out the government is responsible for the mess the young find themselves in. So it’s just another justification.

Put forward the theory that excesses by royals, film stars footballers, politicians, financiers, and all the other members of an obscenely greedy elite, could’ve played their part, and you will be roundly condemned as justifying criminal behaviour.

The fact we exist in times of unequalled inequality can’t be responsible. It can’t be a reason. You are justifying the unjustifiable.

But that doesn’t stop politicians justifying another tax cut for the rich, and more austerity for the poor. It doesn’t stop them justifying closing hospitals, day centres and libraries, and reducing government services to the poor. It doesn’t stop them justifying wars that have helped bankrupt and impoverish the West. It doesn’t stop them justifying cutting just about everything, except for their own salaries.

Then there are politician’s justifications for violence on a huge scale. The justifications for looting the mineral resources of other nations. The lies we have been told, or ‘justifications’ we have been given the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Those illegal invasions that have led to the devastation of cities and nations, and countless lives lost to government sponsored terrorism

Global bankers, speculators and financiers have looted and destroyed far more shops and businesses than the rioters ever could. Far more homes and families have been wrecked; far more lives have been torn apart due to the effects of the crisis they caused.

Who is really trying justify the unjustifiable?

As a postscript here’s a link to a piece on one of Cameron supporters regarding the riots : 

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